The perfect functional fashion accessory: portable pockets. Add style and cargo space to almost anything you wear: why carry a bag and worry about it all the time? Why put all that weight on your shoulders? Great for camping, festivals, trade shows, photo shoots, going out, or everyday....
Equip your hip!

All PodBelts are made of 1.5” wide sturdy high density Nitrile rubber and are 100% vegan. Hardware on both Belts and Pods is nickel plated brass and steel. The buckle is detachable, so you can easily trade it out with most any 1.5” buckle.

All Pods hang from the belt using “swivel snaps”: quick on and off spring-action clips to keep everything securely attached and easy to swap around.

The system is completely modular, making it easy to customize, change up, and combine with other gear and cargo belts. Design your own system for complete flexibility and adapt on the fly to suit the moment.

Build your set from the ground up or start with one of our 3 combination sets. Each includes a belt and some number of Pods-- popular pouches, crucial attachments and useful utilities. All set items are also available individually, and beyond these basics are a wide variety of specialty Pods.

Most utility Pods are available on your choice of a basic swivel snap clip or on one of our high-quality steel-cable retractable reels. These unique reels are intended for long term use: they utilize extra heavy-duty coated steel cable (NOT cheap nylon wire), have a sturdy plastic shell and attractive compact size.

The reels are also available just by themselves, and are perfect for anything you frequently need in ready reach but is small and easy to misplace. We use them for everything! Both clips & reels attach easily to belt loops as well as to belts.

If you have questions, please check our FAQ or drop us a note. And thanks for stopping in!

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